* 8bit - PoS + Masternodes *


Welcome to 8bit cryptocurrency!

8bit is a secure, anonymous, PoS cryptocurency that supports masternodes.

This project was abandoned by its original developers some time ago,
so I decided to take over and reboot it!

If you are an investor, or maybe interested in $crypto and want to help, post a message in 8bit's ANN thread or ping me on twitter.

8bit is open source, MIT-licensed, but it still costs money and time.

You can support the future development with a few satoshis:

  • 8BIT 8JLMhnAk2koajGDjbyTREkEQXunBTuPMRX
  • BTC 3MuRDxLt2L2D2XQ1hLvovLHxH3ixzucdDR

Many thanks! :)

  • Setting up a GitHub organization for sources and documents.

  • Delivering statically linked binaries for macOS and Windows.

  • Setting up a home page, styled as C64.

  • Gradually updating the code base to reach later stages of Dash.

  • Embedding Tor functionality for anonymous networking.

  • Setting up communication channels, like twitter, telegram, and discord.

  • Setting up additional seed servers to strengthen the network.

  • Getting 8bit back on at least two exchanges.

  • Developing a mobile app (Android & iOS).

  • Trezor Hardware Wallet Integration



  • Fix for a problem with compilation of Qt sources for Linux.
  • Fix regarding reading of masternode.conf when running in GUI mode.

SHA1: SHA1 63eb02a01186c46630a8e77442fd67be09c17d37

Windows & macOS